Saivam Movie Review

Production- Think Big Studios

Director- VIJAY

Cinematography- NIRAV SHAH

Editing- ANTONY


Cast- Naseer, Kausalya, Ravi, Rajalakshmi , Kalyani, Suresh, Lakshmanan Ganesh ,Vidya ,Vicky , Suchitra , Sara , Luthfudeen Basha , Rahil , Twaara , Ray Paul , George , Malathi , Vittal , Savithri

: How Baby Sara saves the rooster from the sacred offering forms the crux of the story. Though the story of the movie can be written within 7 – 8 words, the screenplay of the movie was too engaging without introduction song, punch dialogues, unnecessary songs, over sentimental scenes, double meaning dialogues, forced comedy scenes or cinematic climax.

Saivam is not a regular commercial movie or the one, which has oversentimental scenes. It is a feel good movie, which will make you travel with the family members in a rural background.

Baby Sara has yet again given a flawless performance and will surely impress the audience with her cute expressions. She has almost done the lead role, along with another cute kid, whose characterization name in the movie is Shravan (Ray Paul). He has equally challenged Baby Sara with his wonderful performances and indeed, has outperformed Baby Sara in few scenes. The fights between Baby Sara and Shravan look very realistic, as their dialogues and actions fits their age perfectly.

Nassar – He has shaved his head for this role and has given subtle performance asusual.

George – He plays the role of Servant in the movie. His characterization was superb and has given his best. Malathi, who plays the role of his wife, too has given her best and their combo scenes have really come out very well.

Luthfudeen Baasha, younger son of Nassar makes debut through Saivam. In the movie, he acts as Grandson of Nassar. Love scenes between him & Twaara look natural and don’t impact the flow of the movie.

Lots of debutants have acted in the movie as supporting actors. Director has made sure that each and every character has a good role to perform in the movie.

Music Director does the magic yet again with Director Vijay. His BGM adds much more value to the extraordinary scenes in the movie. A different kind of BGM is used for few characters and it has really worked out well.

Cinematographer Nirav Shah is at his best yet again. Village is captured in such a way, that it is pleasing to the eyes.

Editor Antony has made sure that scenes & songs, which impacts the flow of the movie are used. Movie runs for only 121 minutes. Pre-interval portion showing the family members searching for the rooster is one of the best edited scenes in recent times.

Director Vijay – Scenes between Amala Paul & Baby Sara in Deiva Thirumagal, Love scenes between Vikram & Anushka in Thandavam, Love scenes between Arya & Amy were the scenes, which will remain in audience heart forever. His initial movies were remakes and the rest were inspired from various movies. This is the best movie in Vijay’s career without any doubt. He has taken a movie with good social message, which doesn’t look like preaching in any scene. There is light hearted comedy throughout the movie, which will engage the audience to huge extent. He has to be appreciated a lot for taking such a feel good movie, which talks about family relationship & kids, without compromising with any commercial elements.

Kudos to Udhayanidhi Stalin for releasing one of the good movies in Tamil Cinema yet again. A Movie like this has to be promoted aggressively to reach the audience. Hopefully, it will be promoted aggressively from now on and with good word of mouth, it succeeds at the box office.

Overall Saivam is definitely a MUST WATCH movie for the people who like to watch family oriented movies like Varusham 16.

Rating of this movie  – 3 / 5

Rating of this movie for people who loved Varusham 16 & feel good movie lovers – 3.75 / 5

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