Ricky Kej Live at the United Nations General Assembly

New York, July 20, 2016: Ricky Kej today performed and spoke at the greatest stage on Earth, The United Nations General Assembly Hall. Ricky Kej performed here as part of the opening of the first-ever annual NOVUS Summit. He was awarded with the ‘Excellence and Leadership award’ as a Global Humanitarian Artist.

This was as a special event during the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. The Summit served as a global platform to inspire innovators and humanitarians from around the world to come together to create plans and strategies that will have a positive impact on our world, and promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Honorees at this summit included 17 innovators and voices for positive change, from astronauts to activists, from geneticists to advocates for gender equality, giving voice to our shared hopes for a sustainable and positive future.

Ricky immediately after his performance and acceptance of the prestigious award at the UN General Assembly, New York, said, “It was an absolute honor, and the greatest milestone of my life to perform at the United Nations General Assembly. Every single great leader across the globe has graced these hallowed halls, and all major historic decisions and treaties have been initiated here. I am truly humbled that my music and activism found a place here, and it was a truly emotional moment for me to hear my music echoing within these hallowed walls”

Ricky played selections from his latest music album “Shanti Samsara: World Music for Environmental Consciousness” and presented several of the album’s music videos. Joining him at the greatest venue on earth to reach an audience of global leaders and world changing activists was vocalist, performance artist, composer and humanitarian activist, Sussan Deyhim, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Premik Russel Tubbs and keyboardist, Lonnie Park.

Ricky ended his performance by saying “To end I want to state the obvious…Climate change is real.. Climate change is human induced.. Climate change is affecting us all.. and our actions affect countries on the other side of the world”. These words resonated through those walls and was very well received and appreciated.

The event was witnessed by delegates, global leaders, change makers, conservationists, activists, humanitarians and thinkers from various parts of the World and it was streamed live on web.

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