“I request Media to spread the word for ‘LIFE AGAIN” – says Gautami

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in India, which has nearly three million patients suffering from the disease. With a million new cases being reported every year, cancer seems to be tightening its grip on India. Experts say the incidence of the killer disease is expected to rise five-fold by 2025. Quite sad to hear. Finding a new light and new path for those cancer affected persons, Gautami has founded LIFE AGAIN foundation.
Gautami who participated in a Book Release festival that held on Yesterday at Chennai – Royapettah says, “There is Life after Cancer and I am a living example for that.” It is to be noted that Gautami is a Cancer-Survivor for nearly ten years. “One-to-One and we are there for Everyone’ is the Motto of our LIFE AGAIN Foundation. Apart from treatment, LIFE AGAIN Foundation  helps them to create a motivational force, to create an awareness on their entire life style, inculcating strong fighting spirit, Injecting them the values of life and helping  them in  regaining their hope. Along with me, Mala Manyan and Dr Hymavathy are doing their best for LIFE AGAIN Foundation..” says Gautami with confidence.
“Dear Students, Youngsters and Elders, please spread the word for LIFE AGAIN foundation. There are more lives out there to save. Respected Media persons, LIFE AGAIN foundation has to reach the vast number of people and it lies in your hands…A cancer patient from any corner of India could be saved by your word. It is life and it is precious..save them..” says Gautami, the founder of LIFE AGAIN foundation.