Ramanujan Movie Review

Director – Gnana Rajasekaran
Producer –  Srivatsan Nadathur , Sushant Desai , Sharanyan Nadathur , Sindhu Rajasekaran
Written by Gnana Rajasekaran
Starring Abhinay Vaddi , Abbas ,Suhasini Maniratnam , Kevin McGowan , Bhama , Michael Lieber
Music by Ramesh Vinayakam
Cinematography Sunny Joseph
Edited by B. Lenin

Ramanujan – The movie opens in the heritage rich town of Kumbakonam, the hometown of the mathematical legend Ramanujan, who redefined mathematics. The young child Ramanujan is extremely popular for his extraordinary talent in solving complex mathematical problems and even takes tuition for college students, while being just a school student himself. His doting mother Kamalathamma (Suhasini Maniratnam) gives him all her love and adulation. Ramanujan’s father (Nizhalgal Ravi) hopes that Ramanujan will go on to complete his graduation well and take care of his family’s monetary issues. However, after becoming the school topper in all subjects at school level, Ramanujan scores a centum in Maths but fails in other subjects at college. After an awful scolding from his father, he runs away from home, only to return much later. Much against his father’s wishes, Kamalathamma gets Ramanujan married to Janaki (Bhama).

Finally, Ramanujan’s talent gets recognised and he is offered a job at Chennai. Here, his talent comes to the knowledge of many other people and after a lot of struggles and rejections, his work in mathematics comes to the knowledge of Professor Hardy of the Trinity College in Cambridge and he takes all efforts to bring Ramanujan to London. Here, Ramanujan’s exemplary knowledge of Maths is acknowledged and his name and fame reach great heights.

After a lot of highs and lows and with Prof. Hardy’s unflinching support, Ramanujan becomes a part of the elite FRS and also gets the Trinity Fellowship, amidst people doubting his sanity. However, a sudden illness befalls Ramanujan and without his wife to support him he goes from bad to worse and is not even able to return to India due to the ongoing World War. Finally, after achieving all success in England, Ramanujan returns to India to get his illness treated. Meanwhile, his mother’s possessiveness over him is creating issues between Ramanujan and Janaki. Will Ramanujan overcome his health issues? Will his Mathematical faculties be dimmed? What will happen to Ramanujan’s relationship with Janaki? Watch Ramanujan on the big screens to know!

Director Ganana Rajasekaran has proven his mettle and has also shown the amount of hard work he puts into his projects, through his earlier movies. Ramanujan is no less! The amount of effort put into researching the history of the Indian Mathematical genius is evident in every frame. Right from shooting the life of Ramanujan at the very home he was born and brought up in, to the authenticity of the Cambridge campus, the director and the producers have gone the extra mile to get it all right. What better platform could Abhinay, the grandson of veteran actors Gemini Ganesan and Savitri, have gotten to make his Kollywood debut. His performance as Ramanujan is perfect. Bhama, as the cute and bubbly Janaki is good.

However, the standout performances are by the veterans. Suhasini Maniratnam has shown her versatility and complete acting range with her performance as Komalathamma. Nizhalgal Ravi, Y. Gee. Mahendraa, Sarathbabu, Thalaivasal Vijay and many others have competed with each other to deliver their best. Master Anmol as the young Ramanujan and Abbas have done their parts well too. Foreign actor Kevin McGowan as Professor Hardy, stands in our minds. The story and screenplay have been perfectly done, but one does tend to wonder why most of the Britishers have been made to talk in Tamil. The attention to details like the costumes, props and atmosphere is absolutely top-notch. Ramesh Vinayakam’s music needs a special mention.

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