From ‘Ram Babu’ to ‘Maruthupandi’ – The challenging transitions of Actor Vaibhav

“Not only stereotypic roles, I love to play negative roles too…” says Actor Vaibhav
Stepped into Tamil Cinema as ‘Ram Babu’ through Venkat Prabhu’s Saroja, the people’s choice actor Vaibhav has now grown up to heights in Tamil film Industry by his drastic performances. For each and every film Vaibhav chooses the script and his character very carefully. From Saroja, Goa, Mankatha, Kappal  to his recent blockbuster ‘Chennai 28 II’, in which he played the character ‘Marudhupandi’, all his roles will have a comical touch which is considered to be the unique talent of Vaibhav. 
“My association with the captain Venkat Prabhu has given me a strong identity in Tamil film industry. The characters like Ramarajan, Sumanth, Marudhupandi that I have played for his movies has been greatly welcomed by the Audience and my presence as a solo hero in “Kappal”  has enhanced my reputation in the commercial ranks too. 
It is my duty to satisfy the director on the sets and so I do not believe in doing homework as I feel I wouldn’t be able to adapt to what the director wants on the sets. I get the dialogues only on the sets, spontaneously rehearse and then just deliver it…. 
I am open and love to explore all types of characters. Not only stereotypic roles, I love to play negative roles too that are challenging ” says Actor Vaibhav with Great Spirit.

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