“Raja Rani” The Road Block Concept Promotions

‘Raja Rani’ has been creating absolute waves …the waves of romance , the waves of music and the waves of comedy, not lagged behind is the wave of man-woman relation ship.The few  who had seen the movie predict it as the next big film and if that buzz builds this will be a massive film the trade pundits say. This release will witness the biggest of Arya’s releases as the film is all set to conquer the screen space world over . The road block concept on promotions is going up a step further, following the road block with the trailers on the day of the audio launch team ‘Raja Rani ‘ is all set to repeat the magic on 27th,the release day of ‘Raja Rani’ . Radio Mirchi will be hosting a six hour non stop extravaganza,some thing unheard of all these days.The next big film,and the next big release and the next biggest promotions.It only happens when big names like A.R.Murugadoss and Fox Star integrate.
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Raja Rani is the widest release ever for both Arya and Jai not only in Tamil nadu, but also in other markets including Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Malaysia, and rest of the overseas markets.
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After being the first ever Tamil film to do a horizontal roadblock of the trailer across 14 channels on 1 day at the same time, Raja Rani has now got one more ace up it’s sleeve. On Friday, 27th September, the film is doing a vertical roadblock on Radio Mirchi for 6 hours, during which only Raja Rani spots will be aired. Thus Raja Rani is going to get the distinguished title of the only film in the history of cinema to have used both the vertical as well as horizontal ad roadblocks.The TV roadblock which was done across 14 channels, ensured that the trailer reached out to more than 30 lac people across Tamil Nadu at one go.

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