Raja Rani – Movie Review

Production- Murugadoss Productions|Fox Star Studios

Director- Atlee Kumar

Screenplay by- Atlee Kumar

Editor- Anthony L. Ruben

Original Music by- G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematography- George. C. Williams

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Arya,Nayantara,Santhanam,Jai,Nazriya,Sathyan & Sathyaraj.


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Raja Rani….It lives up to the hype it created before it’s release and has opened to full houses all over. Before I sat down to write this review I did read a few of others. Was wondering why do we have to rate a movie always based on the technicality so much, as far as it matters sometimes have to let go of that and embrace entertainment offered to you. Debutante Atlee has done a great job on giving us a total family entertainer.

In our society majority of them go through what they have showed in this movie. In the process of making others happy we forget to live our own life. Not all of them get to marry the person they love, but they can love the person after their marriage, which is the base concept of the movie. It does preaches a lot of philosophy, no one is made for each other, what matters is how we live it. It’s not necessary that we will have to lose ourselves if we lose someone who is really close to us, there will be a time when our life will change as we had wished, and when that time comes embrace it.

It’s a cliched love story with a modern touch. What matters here is the way this subject was treated. For a moment you will wonder whether it’s really a work of a debutante, who has handled the story really well. In the first half Jai and Nayanthara keeps you entertained with their funny antics and Jai’s character as a call center executive was well portrayed, which shows what they go through daily in real life and Jai played that to finesse supported by Sathyan.

Sathyaraj as the uber cool dad was another modern touch to the story, wish every one has a dad like him. His and Nayanthara’s relationship was well etched, where the daughter correctifys dad by buying him a beer. And the scene where Nayan opens up to her dad in the car, was remarkable.The director has kept the sentiments intact where the uber cool dad had to change when it comes to his daughters life. That was a classy touch to his character.

Arya who is known as the most bankable star when it comes box office has not let the image down. In this movie his emotional aspect of the acting has matured well. His chemistry with both the leading ladies were great. He can do comedy and action that we know already, with this he has proved he can be seen as a full fledged romantic hero.

Nazriya Nazim who is the recent favorite was given a perfect intro with “ringa ringa” and her first look made the crowd crazy which clearly shows she cant be shaken for quite sometime with such a fan following. She played the character well, she was funny, cute and adorable.

Santhanam this person does not need an introduction, he gets better with every movie and in this he has not spared us either. He has proved that he is not just a comedian but an amazing actor. When he comes like Sivaji’s Rajinikanth was fun to watch and it did suit him well. He is one actor no matter how many time you cast him as hero’s friend it does not get tiring as he can carry that off with ease.

Nayanthara had proved that she is really a good actress with the Malayalam movie “Bodyguard” which was remade in Hindi and Tamil. In this she has matured in to great actress, and I would say it’s her best performance till date in her career and it’s a great comeback movie for her.

All this characters makes you laugh till it hurts and makes you cry your eyes out. Emotional scenes were handled very well and it does wrenches your heart.George .C Williams cinematography was outstanding who gave an amazing feel to this movie with splendid colors and spectacular locations which looked stunning in every frame. G.V.Prakash Kumar’s music was good and it suited the mood of the movie. “Hey Baby’ was a cool and suave track, which merges in to Gana Bala’s “Yeh Papa” , “Chillena” was breezy and “Imaye Imaye” was lovable.

Watch this flick,it’s definitely worth it and a perfect family outing.

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