R S Infotainment to produce ‘KO’ 2.

The idea of sequels had indeed infused breath of fresh air into the film industry. The franchisee format which had proved it’s mettle in the commercial circle is all set to prove itself in the celluloid too. R S Infotainment with their new found theory of making films with minimum fuss and maximum content are the new players in the arena of sequels.They are all set to recapture the magic of ‘Ko ‘ , till date their biggest hit, and for get not to mention one of the biggest block busters of the last decade.

‘ The sequel of ‘KO ‘ has been in my mind always. Bringing the same talents together in the same fold was very challenging. This was around this time i happened to listen to a script narration by Sharath formerly associated with Vishnu vardhan and Chakri of Billa 2. The script and the pattern of narration inspired me a lot. Why not this as the sequel i asked myself , and by the time he concluded the narration i made up my mind. Sequels need not necessarily be with the same cast and crew, the fulcrum is always the script and here i have identified the right script as the sequel for ‘KO’ my biggest hit.Bobby Simha the latest sensation i refer as plays the lead. Nikki Galrani play his pair while Prakash Raj sir plays what he is familiar with -power packed  role.’KO ‘2 will be as powerful as the early KO is and  i am sure this announcement will trigger a huge response and anticipation , thanks to the massive mandate ‘Ko’  received from the masses’ concluded the beaming Elred Kumar of R S Infotainment.


KO 2

Lead actors :

Bobby Simha

Prakash Raj

Nikki Galrani


Produced:    RS Infotainment

Director:      Sharath

DOP:           Shankar

Music:         Leon James

Editor:         Ruben

Art director: SenthilRaghavan

Dialogue:     BakiyamShankar