R Rajkumar Movie Review

Production- Eros International|Next Gen Films

Director- Prabhu Deva

Screenplay- Prabhu Dheva,Sunil Agarwal & Ravi S Sundaram

Original Music by- Pritam

Background Score by- Sandeep Chowta

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cinematography- Mohana Krishna

Editor- Ballu Saluja

Cast- Shahid Kapoor,Sonakshi Sinha,Sonu Sood,Poonam Jhawer,Ashish Vidyarthi,Mukul Dev,Asrani,Srihari,Charmy Kaur(“Gandi Baat”),Ragini Dwivedi(“Kaddu Katega”) & Scarlett Mellish Wilson(“Kaddu Katega”).

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R….Rajkumar….Earlier known as Rambo Rajkumar is directed by the king of masala entertainer Prabhu Deva. Rajkumar(Shahid Kapoor) an aimless youth travels to a new village where he impresses a drug baron Shivraj(Sonu Sood) which fetches him a job in his gang,where he is assigned to kill his enemy Manik Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). In these issues our hero lays his eyes on the beautiful Chanda(Sonakshi Sinha) who he calls lollypop with utmost love leads to the following problems.

Prabhu Deva have applied the typical Telugu film formula in this one, where logic takes a big hit. Well with masala movies like this we can’t expect any of that. It gives us heavy dosage of one liners, stupid comedy,larger than life villains and top of all a dashing and daring Hero.

Shahid Kapoor who really needs a hit have tried his best with Rajkumar, I would say this could be his comeback after too many disasters and would be his toughest role till date, dirty stubble with ruffled hair gives him a great look as the raw henchman. His comic timing was great with some good acting, when it comes to dance I have no words he is simply great. Sonakshi Sinha, I think when film makers decide a script which involves a masala subject, the first name which comes in mind is hers. Back to back two weeks in a row “Bullett Raja” and now “R…Rajkumar”. She is a good actress and have the right attitude on screen. Will like to see her in different roles rather than getting stereotyped in to these ones. Mukul Dev was great, Sonu Sood was a tough nemesis and Ashish Vidyarthi was gravely funny. A new addition to Bollywood villains was Srihari as Ajit Taaka who was great and will be greatly missed as he passed away while filming.

The movie has foot tapping songs by Pritam, Saucy “Gandi Baat” with Charmy Kaur, romantic“Saree Ke Fall” and Raunchy “Kaddu Katega” which had Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi making her Bollywood entry which also featured Scarlett Mellish Wilson. All the songs were well choreographed,what can you say when the ace Choreographer is the Director. Background score by Sandeep Chowta was amazing, which brings the mass feel to the movie. The highlight of the movie is the action  by Ravi Varma, who has done a tremendous job, you can clearly see the action at a different level, which was quick and choreographed well.

If you are in mood for some noisy senseless masala flick, go ahead grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy it mindlessly. If not “Silent hoja, nahin toh aap violent ho Jaaoge”.

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