Purampokku shooting cancelled On 4.8.14 in protest

“The humiliation meted out to the ruler is a humiliation to a citizen!” was the words Director Jhananathan chose to furiously  describe the Srilankan army website’s coward act of degrading the chief minister of Tamilnadu.The unit of ‘Purampokku’  decided to stall it’s shooting schedule on 4th of August  and join the protest declared by the Director’s union against the Srilankan government! Though there was no formal announcement on the cancellation of the shooting by the trade bodies,Director  Jhananathan choose to lead by example and the shooting which was happening continuously in the city has been called off for a day. ” I thank my artistes and technicians for supporting this, and we as a race of dignity prove to  the world that we mean what we protest!” summed up the director known for his social issues related to international events.