An orbit that every actor wants to prove it with proficiency and they believe, such avatar surely elevates their career graph. The role of an ANGRY YOUNG MAN! Precisely, it isn’t something that could be easily obtained and emoted by everyone, but if surpassed, it’s surely their flight to a much bigger stardom. Actor Jai is definitely the one as you see him as ‘Pugazh’, a happy-go-lucky chap who turns into an angry young man raising his voice for righteousness.


Filmmaker Manimaran is far-famed for offering a new colour to the actors. It was all evident with his maiden debut ‘Udhayam NH 4’, where we happened to witness Siddarth, who was seen as a chocolate boy suddenly turn into man of fistful anger. The Director’s Cut prevails much more illustrious with his sketch of ‘Pugazh’ characterization. Factually, the one last frame in the theatrical trailer reveals more than one could ask for such exemplification…


It’s not just the star-cast that makes ‘Pugazh’, a film for the youth cohorts to connect with, but the producers being youngsters strongly believed in this project that could empower the youth.


The musical rockers of the city – Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon have flexed more off the youthful invigorations through their musical chords. The mellifluous duets, the peppy numbers and brilliant background score from this duo emblazon ‘Pugazh’ to a greater magnitude.


The film is opening worldwide tomorrow (March 18) and with the theme focalizing on ‘Youth and Politics’, it is definitely going to be a pearl of movie in the career of Jai.

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