Poriyaalan Movie Review

Produced by: Vetrimaaran. A. K. Vetri Velavan, M. Devarajulu for Grass Root Film Company and Ace Mass Medias

Cast: Harish Kalyan, Anandhi, Ajay Raj, Achuta Kumar, Mohan Raman, Naren, Mayilsamy & Others.

Cinematography: Velraj

Music: Jones

Editing: Venkatesh

PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Written by: Manimaran

Direction: Thanukumar

Distributed by: Vendhar Movies

Saravanan (Harish) is a civil engineer who dreams of starting his own construction firm and making it big in Chennai realty industry. He works as a site engineer for another builder (Naren) but often gets disrespected by the people around him for his lack of experience and lower designation. The movie, parallelly, focuses on the antagonist Sundar (Achuta Kumar), who is a local thug who lends out loans at exorbitant rates. He plays a typical baddie, who doesn’t mind killing people if they don’t return the debt with full interest. Prabhu, one of Saravanan’s close friends, works for Sundar. Meanwhile, Saravanan quits his job and starts his search for a good location in the city to build his first property. While he is at it, he is being followed by Prabhu’s sister (Anandhi) who has her eyes on Saravanan. He too has a soft corner for her and they express their mutual feelings for each other. Saravanan gets looted by some of the real estate brokers initially which sort of sets up the plot of the movie. After a prolonged hunt, Saravanan finds a property in the city to start his construction but he needs a lot of money. He explains his idea to Prabhu who gets interested and informs Saravanan that he’d find a way. In the process, Saravanan finds himself tangled in a mess between his personal and professional life. How he manages to untie and comes freely forms the rest of the story.

The movie lacks the immersive experience which the script demands. Powerful performances could have made the movie better than the actual/final product. Harish Kalyan does a neat job as the lead but the screenplay doesn’t add much value to his performance. Anandhi, who plays the love interest of Harish, doesn’t stand out. Mohan Raman has behaved like a typical real estate broker who strengthens the plot and makes Harish’s life run-around-the-mill. Mayilsamy for a change appears in a serious role and supports a hopelsss Harish when he feels so dejected.

Cinematographer Velraj has taken care in shooting the frames with good amount of variations and M.S.Jones compensates with the background score for his middlling songs, . Vetrimaaran’s Grass Root Film Company has strangled the audience with another usual hide and seek playwright. In a competitive life in reality, you need to know the different colors of humans and to stay gritty, you should prepare to be “The survival of the fittest”. In the end, it is a decent show. Though not exceptional, it’s a good attempt to make the audience know the dark-side of real estate business which passes for a somewhat engaging experience.

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