Pattaya Kelappanum Pandiya Movie Review

Directed by S. P. Rajkumar

Produced by M. Ani Muthu

Starring Vidharth , Manisha Yadav ,Kovai Sarala , Parotta Soori , Iman Annachi , Muthukalai
Cinematography: TM Moovendhar
Music: Arul Dev
Editing: Thanikachalam

Production: Animuthu for Mutiara Films International


Velpandi (Vidharth) and his younger brother Muthupandi (Soori) are the driver and conductor of a minibus owned by Imman Annachi, in the suburbs of the temple town Pazhani. Velpandi is totally smitten by nurse Kanmani (Manisha Yadav) and is trying to woo her, despite her rejecting all his advances and humiliating him continuously. The Pandi brothers’ parents are Rathnam (Ilavarasu) and Valli (Kovai Sarala). The brothers don’t get along well with their father and have constant issues at home. When Velpandi finally decides to go to Kanmani’s house to ask her parents for her hand in marriage, he is shocked by Kanmani’s domestic situation and promises to leave her alone and not disturb her any more. What is Kanmani’s domestic situation? Can Velpandi stay away from his true love? What are the issues that he has to overcome? Watch Pattaya Kelappanum Pandiya to know the rest!

Director SP Rajkumar has taken a very simple script and given it a treatment that was very common in the 80’s and 90’s. However, he has added one vital ingredient – a full-on comedy roller-coaster. The sheer sense of humour and the witty oneliners (though at sometimes being a bit heavy on double entendres), keeps the viewers laughing from beginning to end.

The first half races by with the only steady part being the interval block. Vidharth is in his element, being the rustic bus driver, loverboy. Manisha Yadav seems a bit uncomfortable in her role as a village belle, but overcomes it all to ease into her part. The biggest highlight of the movie is Soori. As Muthupandi, Soori travels throughout the movie and is not limited to being just the comic relief. Soori’s dance moves need a special mention and he has put in a lot of effort into it. The rib-tickling comedy, taken care of by Soori, Ilavarasu, Kovai Sarala, Imman Annachi, TP Gajendran, Muthukalai and Lollu Sabha Manohar is sure to captivate the viewers.

The story is simple, the treatment good, but the execution is absolutely perfect. Vidharth and Manisha Yadav are good. Soori is excellent. The veteran comedians making up the rest of the cast, sparkle. Aruldev’s music is pleasant and the peppy numbers are vibrant. Dance Masters Shivashankar, Ajay Shivashankar and Bobby need a special mention for their effort. Dilip Subbarayan’s stunts are powerful. Vijayanand impresses in his role as Saravanan. K. Thanigachalam’s editing is crisp.


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