Papanasam Movie Review

Directed by Jeethu Joseph

Produced by Suresh Balaje ,George Pius and Rajkumar Sethupathi Sripriya

Written by Jeyamohan (Dialogue)

Screenplay by Jeethu Joseph

Story by Jeethu Joseph

Starring Kamal Haasan ,Gautami Tadimalla ,Niveda Thomas , Esther Anil

Music by M. Ghibran

Cinematography Sujith Vaassudev

Edited by Ayoob Khan

Kamal Haasan matched perfectly to the shoes of a typical middle class father Suyambhu Lingam. His dialogue delivery, facial expressions are of course brilliant and he has stolen the film on one hand with his talent. He has demonstrated acting to the world in the conversation at the end with IG’s husband, simply MASTERCLASS. Gautami after a long time in screen has done a decent job along with beautiful Nivedha Thomas & cute Esther Anil.

There a lot of actors like MS Bhaskar, Delhi GanesH, Charlee, Sree Ram has done a composed presence but Kalabhavan Mani has stood out as arrogant villain. While trying to come out of the film, the characters & performance of Asha Sarath as IG and Anand Mahadevan as her husband should be given much equal credits along with Kamal Haasan.

On the technical part, Ghibran has given his best in background score to evolve the movie as a quality product. Both the songs were soothing and in some sequence his background score has lifted the movie in a different level. Sujith Vasudev’s cinematography has pictured the beauty of South – West Tamil Nadu in a natural way, his different camera angles inside Suyambhu Lingam’s house made the film feel natural and ethnic.

Anoop Khan’s editing should have crisp in the first half, Na. Mutukumar’s lyrics has given the mood of the screenplay in a good manner. Kudos to Jeethu Joseph for the master class screenplay which presented a much tested core line in out of the world manner. His screenplay is natural, logical, and of course not boring though it has accumulated 3 hours of our time. We have to admit the first half should have been trimmed to a great extend but the way the characters sketched in the second half has overshadowed it. Jeya Mohan’s dialogues are crisp, sharp and have got the Thirunelveli accent in the right cord.

Overall a master class screenplay with brilliant acting has made the film superior. If you haven’t watched Drishiyam or any other forms of the same in other languages, please go and experience one of the well made concepts in Indian Cinema History.

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