Pandiya Naadu – Movie Review

Production- Vishal Film Factory|Vendhar Movies

Director- Suseenthiran

Editor- Anthony

Original Music by- D.Imman

Cinematography- R.Madhie

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Bharathiraja, Vikranth,Soori,Soma Sundaram,Baby Rakshana,Bava Lakshmanan,Harish & Sharath Lohitashwa.

27cp_Paniyanadu_mo_1633885g Pandiya_Nadu_Movie_Stills_Photos_02 Pandiya-Nadu-Movie-Stills-8 soori-vishal-vikranth-still-from-film-pandiya-nadu_138209512660

Pandiya Naadu….Suseenthiran surprised everyone with this one, no one expected this movie to make it among the big releases. It was shocking to see public thronging at the counter requesting for Pandiya Naadu, for which I got a ticket with great difficulty. Suseenthiran cooked the same old story with new ingredients. It’s a simple tale of a upper middle class family. A retired government official(Bharathiraja) plays the father, Elder brother an honest Thasildar and the young brother(Vishal) who ventures in to a business. A happy family, one fine day hell breaks loose with the elder one getting murdered by the local Mafia leader Simmakkal Ravi(Sharath Lohitashwa). It’s the same old revenge story of Tamil commercial cinema, but the director re-invents it with right proportion of commercialism in it.

Vishal has given a good performance with this one, who did prove that he is a remarkable actor with “Avan Ivan” earlier. The transformation of his character in the movie was smooth. Bharathiraja an ace Director was seen on screen after a very long gap, he is not only a great director but an amazing actor, he portrayed the character so well, that shows his intensity towards it. Lakshmi Menon was good, Soori is filling in the gap which was left by Vadivelu in Tamil film industry, he does brings the comic relief to this intense drama. Vikranth who plays the friend in need “Sethu” gave a good performance and a convincing one.One character to look for is Simmakkal Ravi played by Sharath Lohitashwa, he was really good and fitted the role perfectly.

Pandiya Naadu stands out because of well written script with realistic approach of the director without blowing it up out of proportion. Right amount of emotions with good music and background score by Imman. The action was subtle, the climax sequence was shot really well and was choreographed meticulously by Anal Arasu without too much of heroism. Suseenthiran gave a neat action drama with good performances, Who knows how to work with a story and surprise the audiences, It keeps you hooked on to it until the end. He has done this with his previous movies and so is this one.Definitely worth a watch!!!!

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