‘Oruvaney!’ : Ujjayini’s Song for Ramzan on DooPaaDoo

As the crescent moon showers luck, peace and prosperity upon all of you, we at DooPaaDoo have decided to send our season’s greetings and share some happiness through what we do best – Create Music. In the name of Allah The Almighty and celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, we will be launching a song dedicated to the Almighty titled ‘Oruvaney’. The song, composed and sung by Ujjayini and written by Madhan Karky will talk about the benevolence of Allah; he, who is the thirst and the water that quenches it; he, who is the desire and its satiation. 

‘Oruvaney’ will be aired on Big 92.7 FM on 06 July 2016 (tomorrow) during the breakfast special show and thereafter hosted onwww.doopaadoo.com at 6PM. This beautiful song will have visuals featuring Ujjayini and will be a rare Qawwali number in Tamil. 

Through this song, we at Team DooPaaDoo wish all the Muslims around the world – a very happy Ramadan Mubarak. May the light of Lord guide you in all your future endeavours.

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