OREY NYABAGAM – Official First look Teaser

Production- O2 pictures|Harmon Moviemakere Private Limited

Director- V.Vignarajan

Editor- Mu Kasivishwanathan

Original Music by- Shankar Tucker

Cinematography- A M Edwin Sakay

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Film Format- 2D HFR(High Frame Rate)




OREY NYABAGAM….It’s a romantic drama directed by V.Vignarajan who has gone the next level in movie making with bringing in 2D HFR(High Frame Rate) technology which you would have seen last year in “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson, that one was 3D HFR whereas this will be the first movie in the world to feature 2D HFR. Usually movies are shot in 24 frames per second where as in HFR it’s 48 frames per second and more, This definitely will give a whole new dimension in the visual experience says the director who wanted to do something different. Another interesting factor is that If you see in the teaser you won’t find the faces shown of the characters which was a deliberate move to keep it a secret and will be revealed soon. The visuals are spectacular by cinematographer A M Edwin Sakay . The best part is the music which just elevates you senses Shankar Tucker the music director have done a tucker job in that department. This teaser was release 2 months ago but caught my eye just now, the film is in the making at the moment. Waiting to experience the whole new feeling “OREY NYABAGAM”!!!!!

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