Orange Mittai Movie Review

Production: Vijay Sethupathi

Cast: Ramesh Tilak, Vijay Sethupathi

Direction , Cinematography and Editing: Biju Viswanath

Screenplay: Biju Viswanath, Vijay Sethupathi

Story: Biju Viswanath, Vijay Sethupathi

Music: Justin Prabhakaran

is a mixed course of sentiment and emotional connect with crisp and limited performance from the cast and crew. The work in the script is visible with beautiful touches from both Vijay Sethupathi and Biju Viswanath. What you see is what you feel throughout the drama and that credit barely lies on the performance, timing. It is a simple plot sans any risk and the task is handled by the maker with consummate ease. Some interestingly framed dialogues from Vijay Sethupathy makes
A dial for an ambulance and the reason derived for the cause – Vijay Sethupathy carries the complete responsibility for the anger, laughter and emotions of  EMT Ramesh Thilak and driver Bala. Vijay Sethupathy as “Kailasam” – a 50 plus old man suffering from a chronic disease knows himself much better than the EMT who comes in for rescue. A remote place, a lonely house and a timid old man who calls 108 for his health assistance gets to meet EMT Ramesh and Driver Bala. How he sets up his travel in the ambulance to the hospital and the emotional connect he makes with them is strongly written although leisurely paced.
Vijay Sethupathy’s body language and his involvement still proves his longing for unconventional characters and he portrays himself perfectly as an aged person with his walk, voice modulation and ego. He carries his ego along and it takes time for him to realize what he loses and gains because of his ego. Ramesh supports the role and justifies his acting abilities once again and Bala keeps time ticking with gigs.
On the technical aspects, Cinematography, Editing and direction is all by Biju Viswanath and he owned the forum with nice captures and music director Justin Prabhakaran has leveled his talent with good BGM and montage songs. Dialouges by Vijay Sethupathy add good value to the script that needs an appreciation. Overall,

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