O Kadhal Kanmani Movie Review

Produced  ,Directed  and Written by Mani Ratnam

Music by A. R. Rahman

Cinematography P. C. Sreeram

Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad

Starring Dulquer Salmaan , Nithya Menon, Prakash Raj , Leela Samson , Baby Rakshana, Prabhu Lakshman, Ramya Subramaniam , Kanika, B.V._Doshi,

Production company  Madras Talkies

Pro Nikkil Murugan

Ok Kanmani was touted to be a sequel to Alaipayuthey ever since the release of posters. So, it is a sequel or is it a fresh love story? What has the King of Romance offered us in this movie? Read along to discover…

As soon as you see Madras Talkies, if you expect to see a stylished font showing the movie name on a black background, be surprised in the first shot itself. May be, the first movie from Maniratnam to ever start like this. As the titles fad by, the movie starts with Adhi(Dulquer) getting of the train in Mumbai and meets Thara (Nithya) in the junction. Adhi goes on to stay in Ganapathy’s (Prakash Raj) house who is a colleague of his brother. Bhavani (Leela) is Ganapathy’s wife who is an Alzheimer patient.

Adhi then gets busy with his job and takes up a project to develop an Indianized video game. His ambition is to become a millionaire. Thara is an architect who is career oriented and has plans to go to Paris. One thing that they have in common is they don’t want to get married ever. They meet again unexpectedly and become friends instantly. This friendship soon becomes love and they decide to move on to live together until Adhi goes to US and Thara goes to Paris.

They convince Ganapathy and live with him and his wife as paying guest but things take a turn when their families get to know about their live in relationship. When at one point, the families decide to get them married, do they still hold on to their views against marriage or not is the rest of the plot.

Ok Kanmani is a stylish movie that reflects today’s youngsters mindset, the confusions they face, the stress they undergo to choose between love and career. A beautiful picturization of love would be like this. Love cannot be classified as yesterday’s love, today’s love or tomorrow’s love. There is no age for love so it cannot be old age or new age love. It is as it is – then and now. This essence is accurately captured in Ok Kanmani.

Dulquer and Nithya have a promising career ahead and Prakash Raj scores silently as always. Leela Samson has an important role in the movie and has carried off the character with ease. A special mention to the art department and Costume Designer Eka Lakhani. Ok Kanmani is an experiment of the cultural shock as said by the team earlier. A movie that should be watched with family and discussed too

Ok Kanmani in one line – Love in its true shade!

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