Production- Vasan Visual Ventures|K. S. Sreenivasan|K.S. Sivaraman

Director- P. Samuthirakani

Cinematography- M. Sukumar|M. Jeevan

Editing By- A. L. Ramesh

Original Music by- G. V. Prakash Kumar

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Jayam Ravi,Sarath Kumar,Amala Paul,Ragini Dwivedi,Soori,Thambi Ramaiah,C. Gopinath & Nassar.


NIMIRNTHU NIL…. Corruption is the root cause for any developing country to stop from being fully developed. We are not new to this problem,and who is to blame?? No on else but us!! Because we don’t have the patience which is required,if a work takes few days to be completed we find a way to get that done sooner,which in fact leads to bribery,if we could stop being impatient and plan things in advance might be able to curb this disease but it’s too late,everyone has been infected by this. How to get rid of this is a big question which does not have an answer. Right from the office boy up till ministers everyone has a share, they get so shameless that humanity has no value. Sometimes I feel why should I vote but if I don’t someone else fakes it. Once in a while if someone rises to seek justice he/she is muted in some sort. Due to which others stay quiet and ignore when the responsibility approaches them. Well you can vent out through some medium , beyond that nothing happens,but In my opinion in the age of social media the current generation can create a havoc which could make a difference,wonder when that miracle is going to happen.

This movie deals with such youngster who is taught all his life to be honest,respectful and noble. But when he steps out of the made up world of studies where most of us spend a huge fraction of our life, discovers a world which is dishonest,ignorant and humanity is considered as a bad word. Samuthirakani chose an controversial subject and handled it pretty well,the screenplay was at a good pace,could have avoided some heroic scenes which did spoil the mood of the movie,another turn off were the songs, it’s not necessary that a commercial pot boiler requires songs and mass scenes all the time,this one had a good script with great performance.

Jayam Ravi is a hard working actor who always makes sure to get inside the skin of the character,so is the case here,whether it’s Arvind or Narsimha Reddy. He is out done is previous double role from Aadhibaghavan. Amala Paul did a good job,after Mynah she had some scope for her  talent here. Soori was at his good. Sarathkumar was seen after a gap in a short but a good role. Ragini Diwedi fills the screen with oomph, I’m sure she can do much more than that, should see her in good roles in future.

Nimirnthu Nil could have been a perfect one due to some usual pitfalls along with dodgy cinematography,poor VFX ,average music It does not reach the height it should have. Still the strong screenplay with great performance by Jayam Ravi saves the day.

Nimitnthu Nil is a thoughtful message delivered in a commercial way, worth a watch.

+’s – Tight screenplay with great performance by Jeyam Ravi.

-‘s – Poor VFX,dodgy camera work with average music.

Rating: 3.5/5

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