Neram Movie Review

Production- Winner Bulls

Director- Alphonse Putharen

Original Music by- Rajesh Murugesan

Cinematography- Anand C. Chandran

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital & Datasat

Cast- Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Simhaa, Thambi Ramaiah,John Vijay,R J Ramesh and Nasser.


The public is still hungover by “Soodhu Kavvum” where we are offered another drink by Alphonse Putharen(Director) whose directorial debut starts with a quote from Quentin Tarantino “I steal from every movie made”. Which gives an impression with a lot of expectation, it does live up to that with little deviation here and there. The trend of short film directors entering the mainstream cinema is catching up really fast, and they do happen to deliver quality entertainment.

It’s a story of a young lad who goes unemployed just before his sisters marriage leads him to take a loan from a local loan shark named “Vatti Raja” played by Simhaa, which is a terrible mistake as this loan shark methods of retrieving money is dangerous. From there on the Ketta Neram Starts for our hero(Nivin Pauly) who is in love with his childhood friend Veni(Nazriya Nazim) where the villain is as usual the girls father who refuses to get them wed due to hero’s unemployment, the love birds decide to elope what happens next the time will decide.Perfect Casting as every character is entertaining. The main villain’s henchmen white&black villain, lighthouse played (R J Ramesh) who was also seen in Soodhu Kavvum has a short but a good part. Look out for a character named “Mani” who is awesome and will crack you up instantly, Supported by John Vijay(Katta Kunju), Thambi Ramaiah(Saravanarr) and Nasser(iphone) whose character is really funny when he speaks English. The lead Nivin & Nazriya being debutante in kollywood have done a good job, Whereas Nivin is not new to the camera as he has done quite a few Malayalam movies and is a very good actor who does not gives us a feeling that he is from a different state.

The screenplay is tight and has leveled with some neat direction which you could see how he happens to correlate the different aspects of the time which happens in a day. Sharp editing with some edgy camera work thanks to RED EPIC CAMERA these days cinematographers are able to give a different color to the movies. This flick was well received by the audiences with loads of applause in most of the scenes, and with the hit number “Pistah!!!” featured on screen the crowd went crazy. Definitely worth a watch, Ungal NERAM veena pogathu.

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