Nee (Short Film) Press Release

TEAM ENTERTAINERS AND Yellow Smiley Productions
Solomon Sam Presents
The Hidden Soul BY Sriram
A short story about the human who tries to fight with his own hidden emotions in a fantasy way
தன்னுள் புதைக்கப்பட்டிருந்த உணர்வுகளுடன் கற்பனைக்கெட்டாத ஒரு போர்கொள்ள முயலும் ஒரு சாதாரணனின் கதை.
Five Reasons why you should watch this short film:
* Event by Team entertainers after 4 years
   4 years of self learning experience
* To show your support to independent artist an independent film makers
* Too experience the hidden emotion inside you
* Too find the real person inside you
* To see a Normal short film executed in a abnormal way
Cast & Crew Details:
Cast: Sriram | Gopinath | Gocool | Sridhar | Naresh | Jawahar | Karthick | Vinoth | Shanthni Amma
Story | Screenplay | Dialogue | Direction : Sriram
DOP and Edit : Vibin
Music Director : Soorya
Mixing and Mastering : Soorya
Song Music : Gunasekaran Balasubramanian
Lyrics : “Kanchana” Logan
Singer : “Sangi mangi” Gana Guna and Oviya
Art direction and VFX : Nisanth.M
Stills : Naresh Sundaram
Poster Designs : Divyank Jain
SFX : Balachandar
DI : Colors do Anything
Subtitle : Nevean
Assistant DOP : Divyank jain |Guna GS |Sridhar
Assistant Directors : Gowri shankar | Krisha Kumar
Sound Engineer : Visakh
Lights : Ganesh
Dubbing : Murugasan Audio

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