Naan Sigappu Manithan Movie Review

Production- UTV Motion Pictures|Vishal Film Factory

Director- Thiru

Cinematography- Richard M. Nathan

Editing- Anthony L. Ruben

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|Dolby Atmos

Original Music by- G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cast- Vishal,Lakshmi Menon,Iniya,Saranya Ponvannan,Jayaprakash,Sunder Ramu,Jagan & Pyramid Natarajan.

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Naan Sigappu Manithan….This title gave a good mileage for the release of this movie. It has nothing to do with the original which had Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead and neither it’s Robinhood. Director Thiru have presented a new concept with the usual commercial formula to support it. Vishal here suffers with a disorder called “NARCOLEPSY“, which means that person will fall asleep if experiences sudden emotions of any kind, the childhood passes by but the challenges he faces when is out in this mean world is shown well. Vishal has 10 specific desires to be fulfilled in his life, which he manages to fulfill with the help of his friends and her mother. One fine day he bumps in to Lakshmi Menon who brings a change in his life but short lived, how he manages to get through the hurdles and overcome his weakness is NSM all about.

Vishal after the success of “Paandiya Naadu” , has basked another role which suited him well. He is going a step further with every release, as the character “Indran” he has done a great job. He fits the attire of an innocent citizen too well. In PN he did a similar work, and NSM follows, and is one of the best after “Avan Ivan“. Lakshmi Menon, it’s hard to believe this young talent has come all this way and is bound to stay strong in the industry. She proves herself in every movie, she has a very mature style and in NSM she has been given a different look, adding little glam quotient. She looks fabulous, her performance as Meera was great. Vishal and Lakshmi’s chemistry was sweet. Saranya Ponnvan is a super mom of Kollywood.Jagan does what he is best at and Sunder Ramu did a good job, he is one character to look for. Iniya has a short role in this flick but a very good one, her performance was convincing. Another character which requires special mention is the villain of the movie, he was down right brutal.

Richard Nathan has done a spectacular job in handling the camera, which was well cut by Anthony L. Ruben. Music by GV Prakash was good, I would say a decent album in which all the tracks were good. The background score pumped the tempo to a great level.

Director Thiru took a shot with this concept, which I would say should work. There will be mixed reactions when something different is tried so will be the case with NSM, Thiru could have cut short the length of this flick which would have worked well in his favor, it gets little draggy in the second half, towards the climax it again gains momentum. Like PN this hardly had a fight sequence but the one featured was choreographed well, the climax sequence was enjoyable.

Naan Sigappu Manithan has the required elements in precise proportions. It does have some graphic violence, but the story requires it. Thiru kept the focus on the crux of the story and tried not deflect from it. There were quite a few twists which were presented well at good intervals. Well Thiru managed not to put the audience in the Narcolepsy mode, Naan Sigappu Manithan is a good watch, try to catch this in cinemas!!!

+’s- New concept, great performances, delectable camera work and good music.

-‘s- Screenplay gets draggy in the later half, could have cut short the length of the movie.

Rating: 3.5/5.

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