Mundasupatti Movie Review

Production- C.V.Kumar|Thirukumaran Entertainment|Fox Star Studios

Director- Ram Kumar

Cinematography- P.V.Shankar

Editing- Leo John Paul

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Sean Roldan

PRO- Nikhil

Cast- Vishnu,Nandita,Kaali Venkat,Gajaraj and Ramdoss.

Mundasupatti….The is another short film which has met his destiny on silver screen,both directed by Ram Kumar. Among the big production houses and huge star values, the current generation of directors are raking in more dough than the biggies. Ram Kumar who made the short film in 2011 for the TV show, Naalaya Iyakunar was inspired by Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi (a film developed from a short film). This film was the one to start the trend. 

The movie is set during the 80’s in a fictional village called Mundasupatti, where the people have a belief that a person will die if he/she has been photographed, this fear is inflicted ages back by an Englishmen who came to that village for a research, due to unfortunate co-incidence, people get affected and die after he photographed them, which led them to this belief and a person is photographed only after he is dead to keep it as a memory. That’s when the lead characters come in to play, from then on it’s a ride which will make you laugh really hard.

Vishnu Vishal, who have been doing intense and serious roles have tried his hand on a full fledged comedy and it has worked out pretty well for him. Vishal is funny in his own way and plays out the lover boy perfectly with his subtle looks.

Kaali Venkat, this actor is seen off lately in most of the movies. I would say he is the next best thing in comedy at present as the others are busy becoming a HERO. His timing is perfect and is a potential actor.

Nandita fits the role aptly, she definitely lit the romance factor instantly in that dry village. The rest of the supporting cast was selected cautiously. Everyone was perfect, Gajaraj who played the role of Nandita’s father or Meesaikaara or the Swamiyar and Zameendar(Anand Raj), all of them were a great support to the movie.

Best is always for the last, can’t stop praising him because he is a vital part in the movie, which literally holds the comedy factor of this flick, it’s none other than the great Muniskanth(Ramdoss), If Kaali’s timing was perfect, Ramdoss counters were terrific. He becomes a perfect scape goat in this flick. This movie is definitely going to take him places. Muniskanth steals the show hands down.

The movie had music which was well composed to suit the mood of the movie by the new sensation Sean RoldanP.V.Shankar captured the humor at a great pace and loved the slow motion shoot out scene, all this mayhem was well cut and pasted by Leo John Paul.

Ram Kumar picked everyone well, adding few characters for the feature film, and built a story which shows superstition in a funny way. Ram has mixed sci-fi,thriller and comedy in a balanced proportion. Every element in the movie becomes a character itself. In spite of it’s long run time,which you don’t feel because of the non-stop nonsense the characters create.

The visit to this fictional village which consists of cartoonish characters is definitely worth it, the last time I laughed this hard was for “Kalakalappu”. The entire cinema hall was filled with loud laughter. Watch this short developed in to a feature film on silver screen and welcome the upcoming talents with open arms.

+’s – Interesting screenplay with great direction supported by hilarious performances by the entire cast.

-‘s – The wig used for Vishnu and Kaali could have been better making it more convincing.

Rating: 4/5.

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