The much awaited Teaser of Purampokku

The much awaited Teaser of ‘Purampokku’ will make this Independence day much memorable. Labelled as the most important film in the Trade circle as well among the audience ‘ Purampokku’ directed by S P Jhananathan will show case the first impact of visuals on 15th of August . Jhananathan mentioned that, ‘we wanted the first teaser to be colorful and it will be on Arya and Karthika The subsequent teasers will be focused more on the power and theme of the movie. I am sure the fans of Vijay Sethupathy will be thrilled with the new image of  him in the teasers that feature him. The major schedule of the film which is being shot in the sets will be the high light of the film . The ensemble of  artiste, the amalgamation of talents as technicians and the great production and marketing values ensure a ‘Mass’ film in the making. Along with Arya , Vijay sethupathy and Karthika , Shyaam play a life time role which i am sure will put him on top on par with other stars ‘ the director known for his penchant for films on messages pertaining to International base concluded. 

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