MMS “Manadhil Mayam Seithai” – Promotional Song

Production- Full House Entertainment

Original Score by- Manikanth Kadri

Lyrics- Muthamizh Selvan

Featuring- Thanjai Selvi, Tupakey Boys & Gokula Valarwan

Director- Arunraja Kamaraj

Choreographer- Sherif

Director of Photography- R.N. Vasanthakumar

Editor- Rajesh Ramakrishnan

Art Director- Shakthee

Costume Designer- N.J.Sathya

Visual Effects- Deva Kamalarangan



MMS(Manadhil Mayam Seithai) movie has come out with a different concept for promoting there film title in the form of a Promo song with the combination of Folk & Rap together. This would be a new approach and this movie will be following the new trend these days in regards to movie promotions. The combo of Folk and Rap has been perfectly blended with Thanjai Selvi, Tupakey Boys & Gokula Valarwan vocals with Manikanth Kadri’s music & Muthamizh Selvan’s funny lyrics. The video is fun to watch with Thanjai Selvi’s expressions, the song is subtitled in a funny way with a mix of Tamil and English. The video is well choreographed by Sherif which fits the frame aptly. I’m not sure how good the movie is going to be, but this video will be a hit!!!!

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