We’re the Millers – Movie Review

Production-  Warner Borthers|New Line Cinemas|Vincent Newman Entertainment|Bender Spink

Director- Rawson Marshall Thurber

Screenplay- John Morris|Sean Anders|Steve Faber|Bob Fisher

Editing- Michael L. Sale

Original Music by- Ludwig Göransson|Theodore Shapiro

Cinematography- Barry Peterson

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital 7.1|SDDS|Datasat

Cast- Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts,Ed Helms and Will Poulter.


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We’re the Millers….When the first poster was out, thought this would be another american wannabe comedy, when the trailer was out it gave a different impression, now after watching the movie it lives up to the trailer. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber did a fine job with this laugh out loud comedy. The screenplay is great which does not dulls out at any point in the movie keeping the comedy factor right on the track.

A local drug dealer David(Jason Sudeikis) gets robbed by thugs runs in to a pickle with the supplier Brad Gurdlinger(Ed Helms), for which he has to take up a dangerous drugs smuggling job to get out of it, in the process he creates a fake family with 3 different people from different walks of life. Wife Rose(Jennifer Aniston) a stripper, Son Kenny(Will Poulter) a dorky virgin and daughter Casey(Emma Roberts) a runaway thief. An amazing family who embarks on a journey to finish this job. The mishaps and adventures during that is the story. 

This is one of the best adult comedies among the recent releases, It makes you laugh throughout without any mercy.  I’m glad this was not chopped by the censor board which is mostly done to comedies of this type. Jennifer Aniston who is in her mid 40’s is a looker, when it comes to comedies she is amazing so is the case here, her strip dance is quite a spectacle in the movie, she is still got it. Emma Roberts role was good, it suited her well. Ed Helms was wasted as he is an amazing tool when it comes to comedies. Jason Sudeikis was perfect his comic timing was impeccable, couldn’t be more apt for the role. The person who requires appreciation in the flick is Will Poulter he was terrific, just the look of him cracks you instantly, he played the dorky kid to perfection, well he is one lucky chap who kissed all the ladies in the movie, that one scene trust me not only you will love it but will laugh until your stomach hurts, It may be a cliched comedy, but this time with a new attire, which was one hell of a laugh riot.

Meet the Millers as soon as possible, it’s a perfect stress buster for a hectic week you may have. It will make you laugh until your stomach hurts,or you have tears in your eyes or you may find yourself jumping from your seat every other moment. Don’t miss to watch the B-Reel during the end credits they are hilarious and the FRIENDS theme song played for Jennifer Aniston was a nice touch.We’re The Millers is definitely worth a Laugh!!!!!

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