Meyatha Maan Review

Vaibhav lives with his sister Indhuja after the demise of their parents. He also runs a light music troupe called as Meyadha Maan. He one sidedly loves his college mate Priya Bhavani Shankar for three years and does not convey it to her. At one stage Priya’s engagement happens with someone else, following which Vaibhav decides to committ suicide. To save vaibhav, his friend Vivek Prasanna tells about his love to Priya and a suggests a way to save him.

In the process Priya finds how much Vaibhav loves her and starts reciprocating it. But, they split later following a fight. Did they get married or not forms the rest of the story. Vaibhav fits in his character aptly and has acted as a north Chennai guy with ease. Priya looks gorgeous throughout the movie. Vivek Prasanna comes through out the flick and impresses the audience with his acting.

Debutant Indhuja dons a bold character and has acted naturally. Director Rathnakumar has made a shortfilm in to a fullfledged feature film by adding more characters to the script. There is some lagging in the screenplay due to the extended storyline and the continuity misses at times. Music by Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep Kumar has got some good visuals that are placed at appropriate times in the movie. Meyadha Maan has a few good humour scene with equal number of lagging scenes as well. But it is refreshing and romantic.