Maya fights with Aari in the Public street

Poolankurichi a small  town in Siva Ganga district with plenty of greenery and blessed with an enviable atmosphere witnessed a rare fight between a young beautiful girl and a young hand some man recently. Both of them were vocal and aggressive. The dusty street saw an epic battle and the crowd panicked. They were surprised to find a small made girl go all out against  the well built man and frantic calls were made to the police. As the panic buttons were pressed there was aloud voice saying Cut . Only then the public realized that it was an important  scene shot for the film ‘Unnodu Ka’ produced by Nallamai Ramanathan for Abirami Mega mall productions. Aari and Maya who play who play the lead in the most expected family entertainer of the year ‘Unnodu ka’  were seen laughing away from the shooting spot after this episode.
 ‘We are really glad to shoot in this beautiful town called ‘Poolankurichi’ the native place of Abirami Ramanathan sir. The respect and good will Ramanthan sir had generated is commendable. He had done various welfare schemes for the town which he has adopted, and it was visible every where. I play the lead in this film and Dr Maya a dentist by profession is paired opposite me.Prabhu sir and Oorvashi madam will tickle the rib bones with their performance. No wonder they are respected so much for their skills Prabhu sir was sweet enough to provide a feast for the whole unit comprising more than 500 people in his typical style. I play an action cum romantic hero in this film Directed by RK.

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