Maryan – Movie Review

Directed- Bharat Bala

Producer- Venu Ravichandran

Written- Bharat Bala

Screenplay- Bharat Bala & Sriram Rajan

Original Music by- A.R.Rahman

Cinematography- Marc Koninckx

Editing- Vivek Harshan

Studio- Aascar Films

Distributed- Venu Ravichandran

Language- Tamil

Sound Mix- Auro 3D|Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Dhanush,Parvathi Menon,Salim Kumar,Appukutty,Jagan,Vinayakan,Uma Riyaz Khan,Imman Annachi,Rama and Dagbeth Tweh.




Maryan…the entire film was shot in reverse with the climax scenes being canned first and hence the last scene shot was the beginning scene of the film. This one is a very different love story with all the ingredients mixed in equal proportions. Bharatbala has a very distinctive style of narrating this love tale through the lead character “Maryan” played by Dhanush. The screenplay by Bharatbala & Sriram Rajan is amazing, in spite of the slow pace it still keeps you hooked on to it.  Bharatbala has done a short named “Journey Across India” and a romantic comedy “Hari Om” , you may not be familiar with these but Maryan will mark his debut to main stream cinema as an artistic director who captured every emotion with utmost perfection, was in love with the narration and story telling. It happens once a in blue moon to see a film of this kind. Many would not agree with this as Maryan is an artistic approach not the regular commercial cinema.

The casting could not be more perfect than this, every character makes a mark and a place in the movie whether it’s the lead Dhanush or Appukutty as Sakkarai. It has an array of characters in different shades. Dhanush is simply remarkable he can carry off any role with ease whether it’s a idiotic lover boy  or a captive escaping the terrorists. He can switch in to any role just like that. His performance may fetch him another award this year. The scene where he kicks Vinayakan(Theekkurissi) is awesome complimented with cool background score which marks what we call MASSS. Dhanush is having a good year with his bollywood debut being a hit and now Maryan bringing out the real actor in him. I’ve always admired him right from the beginning he has a distinctive style and approach towards his performance.

Parvathy who is the love interest in the movie has given an unexpected performance, she is a natural and has carried the role with a rocking attitude, the scene where you see her in church singing makes not only Maryan fall for her but you too fall for her. The chemistry between the lead pair in uncanny. She can emote well and will demand you to feel what she is going through. Supported by Salim Kumar as Thomayya,Appukutty as Sakkarai, Vinayakan as Theekkurusi, Uma Riyaz Khan as Seeli and Jagan as Sami. All of them have given equally good performances.  Appukutty and Jagan gives us a comic relief to this intense drama, with their one liners and funny antics. Not to forget the African Dhanush that’s what i call him, his real name is Dagbeth Tweh has given a good performance who plays the African terrorists.

The movie is a visual delight which has been captured well with the vision of Marc Koninckx, you can clearly see the quality which is painted over the entire length of the movie. The desert never looked this delectable so are the seas down south in India. Every frame is delightful the camera work is stunning. Editing by Vivek Harshan is tight and sharp which does not tire you. 

Music by A.R.Rahman is a perfect addition to this flick, when I heard the soundtrack first was not that impressed, but with the movie can’t get those tracks out of my head. Whether is a “Sonapareeya”  or “Innum Konjam”  or “Enga Pona Raasaa”  or the awe inspiring “Nenjae Ezhu”  which made the crowd go crazy alongside with energetic “Kadal Raasa Naan”  where you can hear Yuvan Shankar Raja lending his voice was well applauded by the audiences. This year 2nd time A.R.Rahman and Dhanush’s jodi is a hit. All the songs are well picturised

This movie is technically rich with great picture and crunching sound in 3D format called the AURO 3D which is available in selected screens in Chennai. The sound was awesome in this format you can feel every bit clear and crisp at right place. Go with an open mind, if you do you will fall in love with the movie, If you are expecting something masala you will be disappointed as Maryan is an artistic approach to modern story telling. Maryan is yet another feather in Dhanush’s cap, he is not only kadal rasa but also tamil cinema’s rasa.

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