Manjapai Movie Review

Manjapai movie had been produced by Director Sargunam, along with Thirupathi Brothers productions, who have given good movies to Tamil Cinema such as VE 18/9, Kumki, etc. Movie was promoted aggressively and was released in good number of theaters. It has created little expectation among the audience as the song & teasers were promoted aggressively. Let us see whether the movie satisfies the Common Man in this review. Story: It travels around the relationship between Raj Kiran and his grandson Vimal. Vimal – Usually,an IT guy or Urban role doesn’t fit for Vimal. He has acted as an IT Professional in this movie and yet again, it doesn’t fit him completely. He has definitely improved his acting to some extent in this movie. Lakshmi Menon – She seems to be the luckiest girl in Tamil Cinema. Urban role with stylish hair doesn’t suit her. She has got lots of screen presence in the movie and has acted well. Raj Kiran –What an Actor? Definitely, people would respect or miss their Grand Father after watching the movie. He has rocked with one of the best performance in his career. First 30 minutes with love scenes between IT employee Vimal & Urban girl Lakshmi Menon were very average & will test the patience of the audience. Movie picks up momentum only after the arrival of the story hero Raj Kiran. “Ayyo Ayyo Thattha” song and his scenes only engage the audience. He had carried the whole movie on his own shoulders and has tried his best to save the movie. Cinematographer Masani – Few scenes in the movie looked like a low budget movie. Few inserting shots were really bad. Editor Deva – Movie runs for 131 minutes. First 30 minutes of the movie and the scenes towards the climax were too dragging. Director Ragavan (Sargunam’s Associate Director) has tried to give a complete family entertainer such as Poove Poochooda Vaa, Thavamai Thavamirindu,etc. Scenes involving Rajkiran has really come out well, but the romantic scenes were very average. Scenes towards the climax were very dragging and the forced climax, will receive mixed response. Rating of this movie – 2 / 5 (1.75 for Raj Kiran’s acting alone) Rating of this movie for people who liked Thavamai Thavamirindu, Varanam Ayiram, etc; Sentimental Movie lovers, Director Vikraman movie lovers – 2.75 / 5

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