Actor Arun Vijay’s uninterrupted 36 hours thriller sequence started today!

Arun Vijay touched the pinnacle of his glory with ‘Yennai Arindhaal’ thanks to his glorious screen presence. His next project took some time as the ever young  Hero was in search of scripts that could challenge his potentiality. He ventured into [production and the search for a good script went bigger until he came across Director Arivazhagan who is known for his stylish narration.Director Arivazhagan came up with a brilliant script the floored Arun Vijay. The unit launched the project recently and the shooting was also progressing smoothly. Then the crew geared up for what is considered as an very important sequence of the film. That particular sequence demanded a sustained mood and the director Arivazhagan ever a perfectionist and action director Silva wanted to shoot the sequence continuously without a break.The entire unit backed up his idea and was geared up tho bring out their best to make the scene look the best in terms of content. As per the plan the unit landed in a dump yard in the out skirts of the city.
‘Yes , The situation required  it.In fact we were geared up for much long duration,but thanks to the precise planning and subsequent deliverable from all section of our unit we were able to pull off this magic within 36 hours. It was an absolute ordeal i would say considering the fact that we had to brave the hot humid conditions as well as the drench that was all over the place.This no-break sequence had 400 people in the crew with five camera set-up. Since it’s a dump yard, all the safety measures including fire trucks were parked in the scene. The zeal to out class the prevailing conditions to excel was the motivating point and iam sure this motivation will be a fertilizer for the days to come.’ concluded Arun Vijay with brimming confidence.

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