Madras Movie Review

Production- Studio Green|K. E. Gnanavel Raja|S. R. Prakashbabu|S. R. Prabhu

Distributed By- Studio Green|Dream Factory

Director- Pa. Ranjith

Cinematography- G. Murali

Editing- Praveen K. L.

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|DOLBY ATMOS

Original Music by- Santhosh Narayanan

Cast- Karthi,Catherine Tresa,Imman Annachi,Rama,Jaya Rao,Hari,Aadhi,Vinod,Nandakumar,Ritwika & Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan.

MADRAS….There’s a part of Chennai which most of us neglect and ignore due to obvious reasons, but the history says that part have played a vital role in city’s development, that happens to be Northern part of Chennai. We keep calling it Chennai, but it has an interesting ring to it when we call our beloved city as MADRAS. Let’s refer the city in this review as Madras all together rather Chennai.

Pa Ranjith debut was “AttaKathi“, which did not hit box office well, but was critically appreciated all over. Ranjith chose a subject specific to particular part of Madras(Vysarpadi), It deals with the lives of people who live there and their day to day adventures, right from carom board,football to cold hearted murderers . I don’t want to reveal the story, as it may seem simple and misleading, but I’m very sure the way Ranjith has treated this movie, would definitely give us another gangster flick which will regain Karthi’s fame from “Paruthiveeran”. It has all the elements required for a movie of this sort and In fact technically sound which makes it more appealing.

Karthi is a very potential actor who have not been getting the attention which he deserves, but MADRAS will change that, he is good at comedy,action,romance and when it comes to getting down local Karthi tops that well, you will agree with me when you watch this flick. He has done an outstanding job as “Kaali“. His character’s transformation in the movie will impress you.

Catherine Tresa she did a great job, seems like she was trained well on the local slang, which she perfected it. She makes a perfect girl next door in a housing board locality. Catherine gives a convincing performance without any help of glam involved, she will definitely leave a charm on you.

Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan, who plays the role of Karthi’s best friend is a character to look for, he would gain a fan base with his commendable performance, he played the role to perfection. It may be a cliched bro-hood, but that doesn’t get old no matter how many come through. Karthi and Kalai’s on screen friendship will leave a great impression. Kalai’s character was well supported by Ritwika who was seen earlier in Bala’s Pardesi, she did a great job, and was right on spot.

The rest of the supporting cast played their roles with utmost dedication, Imman Annachi,Rama,Jaya Rao,Hari,Aadhi,Vinod,Nandakumar they gel with the lead characters and make a great ensemble.

The cinematography by Murali was splendid, the Northern Madras was well captured, the dark side of this part was subtly shot. This was well cut by Praveen KL, who kept the splendid shots sharp. Another highlight of the movie is the score which is by the new sensation Santosh Narayanan, who debuted along with Ranjith as music director in AttaKathi. The background score is intense, after Jigarthanda this would be another feather in his cap. All the songs are well placed and penned by Gana Bala and Kabilan

Ranjith brings in a movie which celebrates Madras at different levels, it will not disappoint you. Madras is “People,Love,Community,Ego,Pride,Revenge,Violence,Family and above all Friendship”. You will feel it’s emotion at every level, rightly said “Madras is an emotion…Chennai is a City”. So feel it!!!

+’s – Great direction with neatly paced screenplay supported by commendable performances.

Rating: 4/5.

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