Madras can be written as novel Says Ranjith

The countdown has already started and the booking plans have already seen a good scenario. For Karthi, ‘Madras’ is going to be a special movie and with much difference in his career. An unconventional yet promising film as he says that would impress particular group of audiences. Attakathi fame Ranjith, director of this film, brings more off an intensified statement on this ambitious project of ‘Madras’. As many from the crew keep sharing more unique things about the project, it gives an idea to ask him up, Why not Madras written as a novel. “If it has to written, I’m sure this would be a good one. But Madras will be a novel in cinema. This is based on real life incidents, but doesn’t focus on a character alone, but a group of individuals. In real life, I have a friend named Prabhu, who is so innocent, but often gets angry. This unique quality in him inspired me to sketch the character for my film,” Says Attakathi Ranjith.

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