Madhikettan Solai

Chances are less to return normally from the ‘Mad Garden’ (Madhikettan Solai) created by Bench Flix
Delivering the message in a short period of time is the real power of short films, and the number of talented creators is increasing day by day in Film industry. Cherry-picking them and showcasing their talents to the universe is the only aim of South India’s top most short film promoters ‘Bench Flix’. After a constant line-up of various genre short films, Bench flix has now come up with a thirteen minutes short film – ‘Madhikettan Solai’ (Mad Garden), directed by Arvind Iyer.
As soon as we hear the title, our memories quickly travel to the place in ‘Kodaikaanal’s’ mysterious Shola forest – ‘MadhiKettan Solai’. It is believed that the people enter into ‘Madhikettan Solai’ will be losing their memories completely. Likewise, in this short film ‘Madhikettan Solai’, a writer questions the meaning of life and goes on an insane quest to find the self. What gets created out of the writer’s angst is what ‘MadhiKettan Solai’ is all about.

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