Maayavan Review

Maayavan science fiction crime mystery thriller film co written, co produced and directed by C. V. Kumar. The film features Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles, while Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff play supporting roles. Featuring music composed by Ghibran

Producer C V Kumar’s debut directorial venture Maayavan has hit the screens. The movie created much hype with the trailer and let’s see if the flick has lived up to the expectations. Sundeep Kishan is a troubled cop who is severely injured while chasing a murderer. Following this, he undergoes a psychological checkup and finds out that he has mental trauma. Later, his team witnesses a series of crimes which are close to the first murder and Sundeep also finds the same evidences everytime. What is his medical condition, who does the murders and what is the motive forms the rest of the story.

C V Kumar has taken up sci-fiction genre to make his debut as director and has done his research on this topic which he had dealt with. He takes his own time to introduce the characters in the first half and the movie gains momentum just before the second half. From then on, the tempo is maintained till the climax. He has also used simple language to make the audience understand the scientific terms. Sundeep Kishan has done an excellent work of playing a confused and rugged cop. The role demands a lot from him and he has given his best for the character. Also in the cast are Lavanya Tripathi, Akshara Gowda, Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff.

Everyone has a key role to play in the movie and have been aptly cast to suit the character. Music by Ghibran is top notch and carries the mood of the film beautifully.
On the downside, the screenplay in a few scenes becomes slow which hinders the flow of the film. To sum it up, Maayavan is a good narrative sci-fi thriller.

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