Lens Movie Review

Internet world and cyber sex even at home should be dealt in a way it should be is the lesson which is taught in this movie. The film deals with online voyeurism in various forms. The film also throws light on how the kind of information and communication technology that we have.

The movie opens to virtual liaisons through the internet by its protagonist.

A man sitting in front of the computer doing something seriously and when asked by his wife says he is dealing with an US client and says they have to be dealt in the night only ignoring his wife as he is obsessed with online sex chatting is the opening shot of the movie. He wears a mask, removing his clothes and standing naked with a naked lady who is doing video chat with me wearing the same type of mask which stuns the audience.

The next day he gets up late, having had his tea opens the laptop again in the absence of his wife, he gets an invitation for sex chatting , but once he opens the chat, he gets to know that it is actually a man. He tells the hero that he is going to commit suicide and requests him to watch his death. When he refuses, he threatens to upload the video of the sex chatting with a woman in YouTube.

Who is that internet party and why does he force this man into this peculiar situation. What happens to both at the end of this chatting session is that which makes the audience come to the nook of the seat and make it go interesting.

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, a debut Independent filmmaker has written and directed this film apart from acting in this film. As a director and an actor, he has done something that not many would risk doing, that too in their first film and also emerges successful in his attempt.

Although both Jayprakasg and Anandswamy are making the film more interesting by their chats there are still many characters who brings life to this movie. Especially the life of Angel, dumb lady make us hate and never even allow us to think of opening such porn videos.

The cinematography of S. R Kathir and Music of GV prakash also adds on diamond to the crown. While it may seem rudimentary, it is not easy to capture, cut& color a movie that has the characters in a computer screen and intersperse it with regular interior shots. Kudos to the Cameraman,

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