Legendary Editor and Director B.Lenin in “KANDATHAI SOLLUGIREN” Movie Releasing

We have attached “KANDATHAI SOLLUGIREN” Movie Releasing on 30th December 2016
Forwarding the press information on KANDATHAI SOLLUGIREN.  Five times National Award winner and former Chairman of Film Federation of India, Legendary Editor and Director B.Lenin has come out with another heartwarming film titled ‘KANDATHAI SOLLUGIREN’ with all new cast along with ‘Poo’ Ramu. The film is on the art of playing percussion and the struggles the artiste of this music instrument faces in the society. G. Dhananjayan of Blue Ocean Entertainment along with J. Satish Kumar of JSK Film Corporation present this film.  The film was censored with U and is of length 106 minutes. The release is on 30th December 2016.  Forwarding a brief write up on the film’s synopsis, artiste and technicians along with two poster images. Pl. take care and do the needful.
                                                                                KANDATHAI SOLLUGIREN – TAMIL
Written and Directed by: Multiple National Winning Editor and
Director B. Lenin
Actors: ‘Poo’ Ramu, Anand, Janaki, Karuna, Jenifer and others
Cinematography: Ashish Dawar
Audiography: Yuvaraj
Editor: Maruthi Krish
Music Director: B.R. Rajin
Lyricist: Ilampirai
Line Production: Buddha Film Production
Produced by: G. Dhananjayan for Blue Ocean Entertainment and J. Satish Kumar for JSK Film Corporation
Censored with U. Length: 106 minutes
Kandathai Sollugiren (Vision Unfolded) premise deals with the art, culture, the kith and kin, the joys and sorrows, love and the family bonding of a particular section of people.
Maasanam, the protagonist of the film, is upset by the society, which he feels has no respect for the percussion instrument played by him that has been handed over to him by his ancestors. He turns alcoholic, without any interest in life and cares less for his family.
Maasanam’s son Sudalai is an expert percussionist player. He wants to teach the nuances and present the heritage of their percussion instrument to the world, in spite of his father Maasanam not showing any interest in such an initiative by Sudalai.
Siddarth is an uptown youth and an aspiring musician, who differs in views from his parents JP and Niranjana, for whom music is nothing but money milking cow. He travels to Sudalai’s village to learn the new music and Sudalai’s percussion talent bonds him with and Siddarth.
However, the older generation is wreck less and money minded, while the younger generation represented by Sudalai and Siddarth work towards a harmony in music.
Written and Directed by B. Lenin

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