Krrish 3 Official Motion Poster – SNEAK PEEK

Production-  FILMKRAFT

Director- Rakesh Roshan

Original Music by- Rajesh Roshan

Background Score by- Salim-Sulaiman

Cinematography- S.Tirru

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital-EX & Datasat

Cast- Hrithik Roshan,Priyanka Chopra,Kangna Ranaut,Shaurya Chauhan& Vivek Oberoi.




Krrish 3 is the 2nd installment to the franchise Krrish which is the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, which is where it all started in the beginning it was an alien which transfers the superpower to a specially challenged Hrithik Roshan, which was followed by the much hyped sequel KRRISH which had Hrithik in the lead as the son Krishna Mehra who is blessed with the superpowers right from birth, the movie had potential but was not treated well and the technical crew was a disaster, hope this time they have improved on the technical level, with this motion poster not much is revealed. It has a potential cast with Vivek Oberoi playing the nemesis this time, there is a news which states that a mutant’s role has been given to Kangana Ranaut supported by Riya Sen ,Shaurya Chauhan and Priyanka Chopra reprises her role as Krrish’s wife. When hollywood is showering us with superheroes bollywood is still way behind on that with just 2 in their closet hope this would create a difference. This Diwali Krrish 3 will be featured in digital 3D across the country and worldwide.


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