Kiruthikaa Film Creation Presents Arthanaari

‘Arthanaari ‘ the title which speaks on  equal powers to both the genders is exactly on about what the film is. Debutant Director Sundarra Elangovan  from the school of Director Bala has got few points that will infuse interest on the audience’s mind with  ‘Arthanaari’  which  is in the verge of completion with couple of songs left to be shot.

“It is a script which revolves around a lady cop who plays undercover for an assignment and the challenges she face as a woman in her duty and how she over comes it. There are minor references in this film on  the service sector especially the police force which is still considered only as a bastion for men,in spite of many women cops who had marked themselves a space in the history of the profession and position they hold. Any similarity of the current issues which is widely discussed is only co incidental. The fulcrum of the whole episode is the system of operations. The female lead has to be very powerful in terms of performance as well as the physical built. This powerful role is be donned by Arundathi who has marked a place through Naaigal Jakirathai and the male lead is debut Ramkumar. 

Arundathi has undergone a lot of work shop and she has also been trained with few of my friends who are police officers, she underwent these training because as a cop your body language is more important and Arundathi had those qualities in her.All she was needed just few inputs to shape up .She fitted in the character perfectly.Nasser sir and Naan Kadavul Rajendran will be seen in pivotal roles and they will be the key factors of the film. I would like thank my producer and script writer Mr.Muthamizh for setting up an extra ordinary team for my debut film.Selva Ganesh has given wonderful numbers for the lyrics of Kabilan, my scenes are been captured by Sri Rajan Rao. With this efficient team we are all set to give you a worth full project’ assures Director Sundarra Elangovan .

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