Kidaari Movie Review

• As usual, Sasikumar shines in this rural drama, the role is tailor-made for his looks. For change, he is not the hero but plays a loyal henchman to his boss.

• Vela Ramamurthy is terrific as the dreadful Kombiah, while the rest of the star cast including Suja Suja Varunee, OAK Sundar, Vela Ramamurthy, Vasumithra along with three Tamil writers, Vela Ramamurthy, Mu Ramasamy and Vasumithra have done their roles well.

• Newbie Prasath Murugesan has churned out an engaging screenplay, his debut works show an impressive future.

• SR Kathir’s camera works need a special mention and music by Darbuka Siva suits well for the storyline. Praveen Anthony’s editing is sleek.
• Too many characters pop up into the film, which could have been avoided.

• Like any other gangster drama, heroine is used only to up the cuteness level.

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