Kaththi Movie Review

Production- Ayngaran International|A.Subashkaran|K.Karunamoorthy

Distributed by- Ayngaran International|Eros International

Director- A.R.Murugadoss

Cinematography- George C.Williams

Editing- Sreekar Prasad

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Anirudh Ravichander

Cast- Vijay,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Neil Nitin Mukesh,Tota Roy Chowdhury,Sathish,Prabhu,Subbu Panchu Arunachalam,Sayaji Shinde & Irfan.

KATHTHI….The people who brings us food to our table, are not able to bring their problems to us. We live very busy city lives with all the amenities available at our disposal, sometimes we don’t even have to get out of our bed, with developing technology it’s going to make us lazier than we are, among all this development happening around us, we tend to forget the people and their families who work day and night so that they can afford food for their family, and I’m just talking about food nothing more than that, Kaththi deals with the subject which is thought provoking, and a age old issue which is still not resolved and there is no solution which is to be seen in near future. Agricultural lands are being turned in to factories and industrial plants. This issue is a never ending one, but through this movie there were few facts which were presented to you which were disturbing.

What can I say about Illayathalapathy Vijay , he has refined as an actor and the credit goes to AR Murugadoss. Never expected a performance of this caliber from him, he did a tremendous job as Kathiresan/Jeevanandham. Both the characters were etched out perfectly and were downright convincing with no hiccups. Every scene was interesting to watch Vijay perform, whether it was romance,comedy or intense scenes. The dual role was a major question when the teaser and trailers were out, which was answered with great performance from both the characters, Jeevanandham touches your heart, But Kathiresan touches your soul. Vijay as Kathiresan was outstanding, It felt great to see him transforming in to an all new level of acting and breaking his stereotype. Vijay in Kaththi shuts everyone with his sharp acting.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu had a very small scope in terms of performance, but she does brings in some sweet relief in this high tension drama, with her cutest smile and ravishing beauty.

Satish as Dhanu was a convincing side kick/friend. The entire supporting cast from the Village and Old age home were outstanding and were very convincing. Their characters were well placed.

The surprise package in Kaththi was Neil Nitin Mukesh, who gave a commendable performance as Cedric Peter Von. He was dashing and was a great Villain in corporate attire. In spite of being from Bollywood all his life, his dialogue delivery in Tamil was stupendous, was surprised to hear him pronounce few words. And the best part is he did his own dubbing. 

The music and background score by Anirudh was great, his BGM added the extra effect which made them impactful. All the songs were good and were shot well. Anirudh’s BGM made the action sequences more interesting. George C Williams did an outstanding job in handling the camera, his angles were remarkable and gave a great look to the entire movie. Every frame was delectable especially the action sequences. This was very well complimented by Sreekar Prasad’s  sharp editing. The action sequences were choreographed well, Anl Arasu did an outstanding job, few sequences were welcomed by the audiences with just applause and hoots. To mention the living room sequence with 2 foreigners, and my favorite is the coin toss and lights on sequence that was a great one, the action was different and gave a whole new image to Vijay.

Now it’s time for the captain of the ship, AR Murugadoss few years back he made this kind of impact with the most sought after and successful film “Ramana” in which the lead was Vijaykanth who was only known for masala flicks, and ARM gave a total different look to his image. It seems like ARM takes this a challenge and have done it once again with Vijay. The screenplay is smooth doesn’t dull out for even a tiny bit, In spite of the heavy subject being dealt it keeps us hooked on to it for the entire time, he placed everything well so that it does not deviates from the subject. He has pointed out few things in the movie related to the ongoing issue of Agriculture in our country and comparisons based on the issue which makes you think, and they are thought provoking. The press conference scene was remarkable, gives you goosebumps, the way Vijay will speak up. 

Kaththi by ARM is damn sharp which just pierces through your soul, this has earned new fans for Vijay and more for AR Murugadoss, a well made film with strong screenplay and great performances. Don’t miss it, watch it with your entire family, A delectable treat this Diwali!!!!

Rating: 4.5/5.

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