Kannadi Bommaigal Short Film is About Light man’s in cinema

Kannadi Bommaigal” (Children of Light), The documentary deals with the life of Light man’s in cinema. They are the most overused and underpaid labors in the world of Art. The contribution of a light man in the making of a movie is huge but sadly people fail to see the hard work that they put in. Their wages, personal life and living still remains a sad story.
They belong to a filed which lives in lakhs and crores but they are still struggling for their thousands. This documentary will limelight their darker life and pave a way for their bright future.
About Director – Venkatesh Kumar: He has directed 10 short films and 4 documentaries and couple of his works “white dirt” and Vittil Poochigal” have bagged few International Awards. All his works so far have been highlighting the evils in the society. He uses cinema as a medium to showcase the problems in the society.
This is his 4th documentary and the estimated running time of this documentary will be around 70 mins.
A Trailer of this documentary will be released soon.

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