Kalavu Thozhirchalai Review

Kalavu Thozhirchalai Tamil heist drama film written and directed by T. Krishnasamy. The film features Kathir and Kushi in the lead roles, with an ensemble cast of actors including Vamsi Krishna, Kalanjiyam and Renuka in pivotal roles.

A smuggler Ram Sanjay (Vamsi), who is equipped and intellectual guy, the fellow go to a village called Rajarajapuram to seize a valuable Emerald which is worth of six hundred crores. Normally, Ram Sanjay for every operation, he keeps changing his name, now for this operation to target the valuable Emerald Sivalingam Sanjay changes his name as Suresh Chandran and appear as a Media person and he grabs all the loop hold to attain the Sivalingam.

By saying to the village people that he is a Media guy and he come to make a documentary film about the temple and even finding out there is a lot of hopeless way to attain his target. In this situation, a guy Kathir who is keeping the habit of stealing Ganesh as a warmth and that would become as his job, but being he is an innocent man, sweet Ravi want to fulfil his lovers need after the marriage. This poverty situation gets observed by Ram Sanjay and getting sweet Ravi’s help to get the price worth Sivalingam. The director by saying this message “Indian culture and idiots” no one can misuse and the film gets over with an infantile screenplay.

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