Kalam Movie Review

Director: Robert Raaj
Starcast: Lakshmi Priya, Amzath, Shrini, Pooja, Madhusudhan Rao

Kalam is a suspense thriller-horror that is set in a haunted house. When a married couple (Amzath and Lakshmi Priya) move to their new house and start living there, they witness some unusual, scary things. Who is behind all these ghastly activities? Kalam unfolds the mystery!

• We love the fact that Kalam is not a mindless horror film. Everything that happens in the film, happens for a reason.

• The performances from the young bunch of actors are impressive and promising.

• The film banks heavily on its well-executed cinematography. DOP Mukesh gets some brownie points here!

• The climax of the film holds all the mystery, explaining all logic and providing all reasons.

• The background score by Prakash Nikki holds the thrill element of the film extremely well.

• The film takes the scare tease game way too slowly, so much so that you end up losing patience.

• The pre-interval chunk of the film is slow-paced.

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