Kaaviya Thalaivan Movie Review

Kaaviya Thalaivan, directed by Vasanthabalan and starring Siddharth, Prithviraj, Vedhika and Anaika Soti in the lead roles, is a period film surrounding the lives of theatre artistes. This movie is produced by Y Not Studios & Radiance Media and has music by AR Rahman.

The movie opens to Gomathi Nayagam (Prithviraj), with a pistol in hand and starts recollecting his history. Gomathi Nayagam (Prithviraj) and Kaali (Siddharth) are students of the Shreela Shri Bala Shanmughananda Nadaga Sabha, under the tutelage of veteran drama artiste Saamy (Nassar). Bhairavan (Ponvannan) is the star of the troupe and has all the people coming to watch the drama, applauding his performances. Vadivu (Vedhika) comes to the troupe in search of a job, with her mother (Kuyili) and is granted asylum by Saamy, after seeing her singing and dancing skills. Fame gets to Bhairavan’s head and he quits the drama troupe and much to Gomathi Nayagam’s dismay, the lead role in all the dramas goes to Kaali. The local Zameendar’s daughter (Anaika Soti) falls for Kaali and the two fall in love. On learning of their affair, Saamy curses Kaali and asks him to leave the troupe and Gomathi Nayagam’s long term dream of taking centre-stage comes true. However, on being separated from Kaali, the pregnant Zameendar’s daughter commits suicide and leaves Kaali distraught, who takes out his anger on his guru Saamy and curses him. Saamy passes away and Gomathi Nayagam takes charge of the troupe, but kicks out Kaali. The troupe travels to foreign countries and Gomathi Nayagam and Vadivaamba become very famous. After a 5-year journey, they return to the place where it all began – Madurai. Everything has changed now, and the freedom movement has gained a lot of attention and the whole nation has begun rising against the British rule. Gomathi Nayagam has fallen for Vadivamba, but her heart lies with Kaali, who is nowhere to be seen. What has happened to him? What happens to Gomathi Nayagam’s love for Vadivu? How does the freedom movement affect the lives of all these people? Watch Kaaviya Thalaivan to know…

Director Vasanthabalan has weaved a period tale of romance, jealousy, revenge and patriotism – balancing out all these elements throughout the movie, very interestingly. The way the story and the screenplay have been scripted, leave for nothing missing. Siddharth and Prithviraj have given their best ever performances as theatre artistes in the pre-independence era. The way they have given life to the various characters they play on stage is amazing. It seems to be a three-way fight to show who is the best actor between Siddharth, Prithviraj and Vedhika. All three are super good. Nassar, Ponvannan, Anaika Soti, Singampuli, Thambi Ramaiah and the rest of the support cast have lent very good support to the leads. AR Rahman’s music is brilliant and keeps the viewers immersed in the movie. Jayamohan’s dialogues and Praveen KL’s editing need special mentions too. Some trimming in the second half would make this already good movie, even better.

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