Kaadhal kasakuthaiya Trailer Reached 1 Million Digital Views

First and foremost, a big thanks and hugs to ‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi anna for launching the trailer. And to all the Makkal for supporting a content which is little quirky and out of the regular format.

Breaking the format rose to me, when i was badly thinking to grab attention for the film. It took me to the point that only books and films have a non-linear way of telling. So I decided to show the rolling credits and the climax of the film first. I took real guts to reveal the climax. But we strongly believe in the screenplay of the movie. The ‘how’ matters!

To find the rhythm was very difficult in the trailer. It took 16 cuts to find the start, middle and end. And all we did this in one day due to sudden planning.Thanks to my editor for compromising his birthday and putting immense effort for the trailer cut. 16th cut was locked after finding the breakthrough. It was for a long time, i was trying to make a trailer from a linear format to non-linear. All of a sudden it struck me a trailer is always randomly linear. So we found the random factor and placed it in this non linear cut and found the rhythm. Kaadhal kasakuthaiya will be the first trailer ever to show an intermission card in itself. And I think it has worked well with all. And guess what.. There is one more video coming out on the grounds of breaking format again! Lookout for it.