Jilla Movie Review

Production- Super Good Films|Gemini Film Circuit

Director- R.T.Neason

Cinematography- Ganesh Rajavelu

Editing- Don Max

Sound Mix- DOLBY ATMOS|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- D. Imman

Cast- Mohanlal,Vijay,Kajal Aggarwal,Mahat Raghavendra,Niveda Thomas,Soori,Sampath Raj,Pradeep Rawat,Brahmanandam & Thambi Ramaiah.

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JILLA….After Watching “Veeram”, you can find quite a few similarities in both the movies. Both movies are set in Madurai backdrop, they have Pradeep Rawat playing the villain(Veeram) and a good-bad cop(Jilla), there a crash scene very similar in the both movies, you will find a scene where the Hero engages with the bad guys in such a way that the passenger next to him is not aware of danger, Thambi Ramaiah plays a buffoon in both the flicks. Well few can say it’s just mere con-incidence. R.T.Neason have downplayed a potential script which could have shadowed “Veeram” hands down, but he failed terribly in doing so.

The movies goes on for 3 hours just because of Mohanlal’s acting and Vijay’s charisma, If not it will fall flat. Mohanlal is an amazing actor and he proved it in Jilla, as his character(Shiva) was not well written still he managed to present it in a grandeur way, which makes you applaud for his dynamic screen presence. Vijay on the other hand manages to keep his fans happy, he was maturing in to a good actor off lately, with this he has gone back to his old days, hope he returns as soon as possible, his dialogues were poorly written and the delivery was not right which made the most intense scene go cold which should have been really powerful, for example the pre-interval scene of Vijay and Mohanlal’s standout, which is the most pivotal scene of the movie, was very simple and did not have the intensity it required.Still Vijay managed to get through with his performance due to his charismatic personality. Usually his intro scenes are really great, but in this it was not that well presented, but his second intro where he takes charge as police officer, now that I would say is a MASS intro scene!!!

The rest of the cast was just to fill in the characters which were required for a masala entertainer of this sort, that includes even the heroine Kajal Aggarwal she hardly had any role and does not suit the Inspector look. Soori did bring us some laughs, his presence just reminds us of actor Vadivel. Sampath did a good job initially, later he turned out to be the noisy villains you see in old Vijay movies. Mahat Raghavendra who was previously seen in “Mankatha” had a decent screen time to prove his presence.

Obviously we can expect logic here, but there were few things the director could have concentrated on, the use VFX unnecessarily in scenes which did not require looked so dull. The cinematography was not that great, the camera was very dodgy giving a bad look to the movie.But that was saved by good editing by Don Max. Music by Imman was good, the song sung by Vijay proves that he is a very good singer.

This movie could have been a tremendous hit, but poor screenplay had just made it a trade hit. That is because of the reason Jilla was released in more number of screens. Unfortunately the way the trailer gave an impression it did not live up to it. I wished I could say it’s “Thala-Thalapathy Pongal” but it’s just “Thala Pongal”. Vijay did made his fans happy, but when you ask the neutral audience, they favor the other.Both movies have received positive response, Jilla could have been better.

+’s- Good performances by Mohanlal & Vijay, good action choreopgraphy and “Kandaangi Kandaangi” by Vijay.

-‘s- Poor screenplay and direction, bad camera work and poor VFX.

Rating: 2.75/5.

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