Jigarthanda Movie Review

Production- Kathiresan|Five Star Films|Sri Meenkashi Creations

Director- Karthik Subbaraj

Cinematography- Gavemic U Ary

Editing By- Vivek Harshan

Original Music by- Santhosh Narayanan

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|DOLBY ATMOS

PRO- Nikkil Murugan

Cast- Siddharth,Lakshmi Menon,Bobby Simha,Karuna,Guru Somasundaram,Prathap Pothen,Soundara Raja & Vinodhini.

Jigarthanda….There’s so much to write about this movie, I don’t know where to start? There are those who make movies to make money, then there are who make them to gain fame…among these there are a few who make movies because they are meant to make them one among that lot is Karthik Subbaraj. His previous movie PIZZA served well to hungry horror buffs, now Jigarthanda serves a lip smacking dessert to the Spicy PIZZA.

A musical gangster story, that’s unusual. First being a musical second an attachment of gangsters as backdrop. Which literally explains the ingredients of this drink. The movie has runtime of 02hrs:50mins which is very long, but the main concern which arises in this case is screenplay, which was well scripted and meticulously executed by Karthik. The first half takes you on a great ride with endless comical scenes where reality meets aspiration, bringing in the interval with epic turn of events.

Siddharth who is known for his chocolate boy hero looks, was given all together a rustic and different approach, which brought out the real actor in him. His innocence is well matched with his outrageous wits. There are scenes he just steals the limelight from the key characters in the movie. This would be a great change of role which would re-define his career path.

Lakshmi Menon I would say was more of a extended cameo but she is one reason there’s a interesting turns of event in the movie, and she fits the bill exactly required for that character.

Karunakaran he is an actor whose presence on screen itself is enough for the audience to start laughing, and when you give him a jazzy entry it just made the crowd go crazy. His innocent comedy makes you laugh so hard until you choke to death, which was the case with the crowd in the cinema hall. His comedy timing is impeccable.

Well it’s time to introduce the backbone of this film, you’ve known him as Pagalavan” then he was seen as “Vatti Raja” …In this he’s “assault Sethu”. Bobby Simha like his name he did roar throughout the film. He has created an image of a gangster which will be quite hard to beat, we’ll have to see in future who does it. Simha’s character has so many layers, which unfolds as the story travels. He’s outdone every scene and every frame, he gives you goosebumps with his acting prowess at few places, his performance was well applauded. Karthik made a very wise decision on choosing Simha for this stupendous character.

Now that I’m done with the actors, here come’s the technical crew. Gavemic U Ary the name itself makes you curious, he has a vision which captured this rustic movie in a very uncanny way. Whether it’s the aerial shots or the close-ups or the slow-mo’s all of them were done extremely well. There are few shots which just makes you feel you are watching a Hollywood flick, now that’s something. This delectable cinematography was well complimented by Vivek Harshan’s seamless editing, there is a point in the movie which involves multiple shots, but it would seem damn smooth and that’s the magic of Vivek, his editing complimented the engaging screenplay as well. All this was enveloped by crisp sound mixing in Dolby Atmos.

Santosh Narayan have been dishing out some great soundtracks and this one is extraordinary, the background score is haunting, a movie of this caliber got to have a great score and that was fulfilled by Santosh. All the songs were composed tastefully and my personal favorite is Paandinaattu Kodi”. The BGM adds extra flavor to this drink.

Karthik Subbaraj has done a tremendous job with this one, he’s once again proved the mastery of twists ‘n’ turns in the story. The movie has quite a few sub plots, which does not get tangled. It takes you on a smooth journey throughout, keeping you glued to the screen. After ages I saw a movie where at the end entire crowd in the cinema hall stood up applauding when the end credits started to roll.

If Hollywood has got Quentin Tarantino we have Karthik Subbaraj. Don’t miss it for anything watch it in theaters and for god sake don’t reveal the story to the one’s who have not seen it. Jigarthanda serves a cold heart drink which quenches the thirst of gangster flick lovers!!!!

+’s – Exceptional screenplay with extraordinary performances by the entire cast.

Rating: 4.5/5

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