Ivanukku Thannila Gandam

‘Ivanukku Thanila Gandam’ produced by VVR Cine Mask Venkat Raj. The film directed by SN Sakthivel starring VJ turned actor Deepak and Neha Ratnakar. The film’s teaser released recently has created a great vibes for its hilarious content. The present day sensation ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran was portrayed in the teaser as a key role. Thus it helped the teaser to reach a extended audience. “ Since the inception of this story, I wanted Rajendran to play this particular role. He plays an important role when compared to his earlier films Boss(a) Baskaran, Raja Rani, Itharku Thaanae Aasaippattai Balakumaara and Darling. Rajendran helps the narrraion to move forward in ‘Ivanukku Thanila Gandam’. “His dialogue delivery and body language helped this full length comedy film. We thought of doing the film’s teaser with his character. The reception was tremendous.” “ Rajendran is a hardworker. In one of the shots he got his legs cramped while jumping from the tree with a heavy gun. The former stunt man swiftly turned up and called for a retake” says the Director Sakthivel.

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